Gintautas Danisauskas

Lawyer  Gintautas Danisauskas:

General information:
1. Graduate School – Faculty of Law of Vilnius University;
2. Doctoral Studies – University of Law;
3. Twenty years of research experience at university;
4. Twenty years of legal – practical work experience in providing legal services to Lithuanian people Public Legal Aid Center;
5. The status of a lawyer since 2013;
6. From March 12, 2018 work in the law firm to provide legal services to the people of Lithuania;
7. Professional census of appeal and cassation appeal.

Lithuanian – native, Excellent – Russian,
Weak – German,
A1 and A2 English Certificates and B2 Level Attendance Certificate.

Scientific works of law
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When you need a lawyer

You may need the services of a lawyer even when you become a victim of coercion against you and it seems that there is nothing to be said and the person who committed the forced action against you will be punished. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in social relations. In practice, there are cases where persons who have been victims of coercive activity themselves have been prosecuted without a lawyer. It was only later, with the active involvement of their appellant, that the defendant was able to improve the situation of the convict, albeit belatedly, for example. 2018 in criminal case No.11181-806 / 2018. There is no exception to property confiscation cases, when a person has been convicted and the property confiscated after a lawsuit, and the value of the property to be confiscated has been significantly reduced, for example. 2018 in criminal case no. 1-866-927 / 2018 All this shows that, with timely help from a lawyer, people’s rights and legitimate interests can be significantly enhanced. Attending a lawyer in the case ensures that the case is accompanied by evidence that is favorable to you, so that the investigation process is not delayed, so that the pre-trial supervision is best for you. When a lawyer intervenes in a timely manner, in the course of judicial proceedings, the defender ensures all the legal remedies and ways to determine the circumstances justifying the defendant or mitigating his or her liability. During the proceedings, relevant evidence, such as testimonies of witnesses, illegally collected evidence and the like, may be attached to the case. In the course of the proceedings, the lawyer may properly set out the legal motives and arguments that are favorable to you, which affect your innocence or mitigate the punishment for the illegal act committed. You may also need a lawyer for property sharing, divorce, and domestic violence. Also in other unexpected or already planned social relations cases.

 Areas of activity:

  1. Criminal Law;
  2. Administrative law;
  3. Administrative offenses;
  4. Family law;
  5. Corporate bankruptcy law;
  6. Legal services in other areas.